Wall Readers

In combination with our door controllers, SALTO wide range of wall readers enable the expansion of SALTO access control benefits to all those entry points where a stand-alone electronic lock cannot be fitted (such as barriers, elevators and mechanical doors), or where real-time online access control is required.

The wall readers read encrypted data contained on the carrier, and then communicate it to the door controller. They also allow for updating of the carrier via SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) technology making it possible to cancel lost or stolen cards remotely.

  • Design XS – Panel Reader

    The Panel XS reader is a door entry system that works in conjunction with SALTO controllers.

    Designed to be integrated behind lift panels, door intercoms, electric switches or turnstiles & gates.

    These models need a window, which is necessary for reader antenna operation.

  • Long Range Reader

    The SALTO Long Distance Reader is a complementary unit that connects to the XS4 2.0 online Controller to automatically identify users flows at long range.

    The fast and reliable long range identification solution automatically identifies users flows in any weather conditions without having to present the card on the reader.

    The product is suitable for car parks, traffic management, free flowing vehicle access control and convenience in general as the carrier is read at a certain distance (refer to the models specifications for more information).

    The LDR is fully integrated into the SALTO ProAccess SPACE system through the XS4 online controller.

  • Design XS – European Wall Reader

    SALTO wall reader Proximity BLE DESFire Mifare. For European standard. Squared or conical shape.

  • Design XS – Mullion Reader

    SALTO XS4 Mullion Reader Proximity BLE DESFire/Mifare. Mullion reader to be fitted in narrow profile surfaces.

  • Design XS – European Keypad Wall Reader

    SALTO wall reader Proximity BLE DESFire Mifare with keypad. For European standard. Squared and conical shape.