KS Controllers

  • BLUEnet Door Controller

    The BLUEnet door controller offers a complete and easy-to-install control unit device for wireless online and standalone access points in a compact DIN rail built-in unit, including relays and inputs connections. It provides a smarter, more flexible alternative to traditional access controllers with no wiring replacements or need for expensive installations thanks to BLUEnet wireless technology.

    Its universal SALTO compatibility permits to integrate it with any access point designed to be able to manage automatic door systems and access point connections (input/output) in a simplified manner, optimizing the cabling in your building.

  • CU41

    The SALTO KS Control Unit allows to increase and improve the benefits, thanks to the wall reader, to all those accesses where a lock can’t be installed.

    It talks wirelessly with the IQ, and reporting all events that take place on the Wall Reader SALTO KS.