Wireless Devices

  • BLUEnet Node

    The SALTO wireless BLUEnet Node is a bridge the gateway and the escutcheons or cylinders, where the distance to the escutcheon or where the number of escutcheons that must be linked to the gateway exceeds what is possible with a single gateway.

    It also permits to combine in a same property wireless electronic escutcheons or cylinders that belongs to SALTO RFnet or SALTO BLUEnet wireless networks as the BLUEnet Node can be connected to a RFnet Gateway or BLUEnet Gateway

  • Gateway03

    The SALTO Gateway is the link the PC and the wireless network.

    Completely managed through SALTO ProAccess SPACE software, it collects all the information sent by the escutcheons or the electronic cylinders through the nodes by using the Bluetooth smart technology.

  • Repeater03

    The SALTO wireless REPEATER03 is a bridge the gateway and the BLUEnet escutcheons or BLUEnet cylinders. It permits to expand the quantity of networked devices and to increase the number of BLUEnet access points.

    Based on SALTO BLUEnet wireless communication, the SALTO BLUEnet Repeater does not need to be wired.