The new input / output expansion unit - CU4EB8 - is a device which, when connected to CU4200 door controllers, provides the option to manage multi relay switchable output systems such as elevator floor level access, multi shutter and barrier systems, machine switching and more.

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  • Input and output board managed by the controller.
  • Configurable by PPD.
  • Upto 16 Expansion units can be connected to one controller.
  • To be used with XS4 2.0 Controller CU4200.
  • 2 different Housing finishes translucent or grey opac optional.
  • 4 Automatic output.


  • Connection to the controller through BUS485.
  • 8 relay outputs.
  • 4 inputs (not used in offline mode)
  • 2 different tampers:
    • 1 tamper input (not used in offline mode)
    • 1 tamper switch (not used in offline mode).
  • The maximum cable length the first and the last expansion unit on the RS485 BUS is 300 meters.
  • Connection to the controller using 4 wire connection, twisted pair.
  • Power consumption: 12V DC 1400mA, supplied by an adaptor.
  • Maximum output relay load: 2A-30Vdc (resistive load).