SALTO’s latest Control Unit makes it even easier to bring superior access control to your facility thanks to the ability to control and manage multiple doors through one Ethernet connection and one IP address. This means that extending SALTO access control benefits to all those doors where a stand-alone electronic escutcheon cannot be fitted (electric

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  • Online IP based door controller.
  • Two wall reader connection that can be configured as 2 different doors or one door reader in and reader out locking.
  • Antipass-back mode available by connecting 2 wall readers and set up as one door.
  • 4 relay outputs.
  • 6 inputs to connect to:
    • Door detector, request to exit switch (RTE), office switch.
  • 2 different tampers:
    • One tamper input
    • And one tamper switch.
  • Door monitoring and tamper monitoring via contacts input (intrusion alarm and door left opened alarm).
  • To be used with all SALTO XS4 2.0 Readers (WRDxxxx, WRM90041 and WR9004FS1 series).
  • Virtual network capable through SALTO Virtual Network technology.
  • All communications the carrier and the wall reader are encrypted and secure.
  • The maximum cable length the door controller and the wall reader is up to 400 meters (Depending on the cable).
  • Connection to the wall reader using 4 wire connection, twisted pair.
  • Power consumption: 12V DC 400mA (without XS4 2.0 readers), supplied by an adaptor.